Community Action Commission of Belmont County

Community Action Commission of Belmont County


Contact the Weatherization Program: 740-633-6340

The Weatherization Department provides services to residents of Belmont County who have income falling below 150% of poverty guidelines.

The purposes of the Program are to:

The two inspectors, one warehouse person, one crew chief, and five laborers provide sealing of the home envelope, repair of windows and doors, sidewall insulation with blown cellulose and attic insulation with blown cellulose to R-38.

The Weatherization Department also does Electric Energy Audits on homes to help reduce electric bills.

This department works with local organizations, which contribute funding toward the cost involved of weatherizing a home.

Weatherization Assistance

Lori Bailey - Email

To directly contact the Office of Community Assistance with questions or to provide feedback on the weatherization completed in your home, please Click Here